Mobile Commerce may define 2016! Ready to reap the benefits?

Mobile Commerce may define 2016! Ready to reap the benefits?

We recently blogged at length about a fascinating forecast for 2016, in which mobile shopping (or m-commerce) is predicted to become an even larger portion of online commerce (or e-commerce).

Much of that post drew on insights gleaned from the recent Mobile Checkout Report by BI Intelligence, which predicted that by 2020, mobile purchasing will encompass 45 percent of the projected $632 billion in total e-commerce sales.

As it turns out, that report was but one of many emerging forecasts that are bullish on the state of m-commerce in 2016.

One such study comes from Bizrate Insights – which is now a business division of Connexity (the marketing services company formerly known as Shopzilla).

The data for the Bizrate Insights study was collected from more than 540 million online purchases – purchases that spanned more than a two-year period, from July 2013 through December 2015.

Per this data, mobile site purchases are expected to grow by as much as 68 percent from 2015 to 2016. And come the 2016 Holiday season, peak volume could reach as high as 42 percent of all online orders. What’s more, those already aggressive percentages don’t even include in-app purchases.

Another interesting insight that emerges from this report:

Although overall tablet purchases appear to be stagnating among U.S. consumers, iPads should still play a significant role in the larger m-commerce ecosystem.

That was certainly the case in 2015. When separating mobile website purchases in 2015 by OS and device, orders placed on iPads still exceeded individual iPhone and Android phone volume throughout the year.

This study also cautions that many businesses are not truly ready for this sea change in U.S. consumer behavior. First and foremost, too many brands often haven’t optimized their site for mobile browsing and purchasing.

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